Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Gardening.last week and Insect ideas for this week

What a beautiful start to the week! I'm loving all of this sunshine! I want to start by first sharing Mrs. Rachel's awesome blog for the week. She is full of amazing ideas...so please take a moment and check them out. I e-mailed many items that you could print off and links to check out with your child this week. So many fun and wonderful things out there!

This week we would have been working on butterflies and insects. I sure hope the caterpillars Ruby and I raised turn into butterflies this week! They are resting now in their chrysalis! I would have looked at the letter /Ii/ and /Bb/. We would have revisited the number 3 and 6 (for number of body parts and number of legs that an insect has).  We would have also talked about life cycles of insects and compared and contrasted other bugs with insects.

Mrs. Rachel is awesome check out her blog of weekly ideas!










What kiddos were up to this week...Thank you so much for sending me pictures! I love and miss them so very much!

Remember I am here for you so please let me know if I can help you in anyway! Keep those pictures coming! xoxoxo

Monday, April 13, 2020


This week we celebrated our most wonderful God! I so loved receiving the pictures you sent me of your kiddo this week. There faces make my heart so happy. I miss them and teaching so much. I have e-mailed you with ideas and activities for this weeks them, Gardening.

I also so loved having our "Zoom" call! I hope to set another one up this week!