Monday, March 11, 2019


We loved exploring the creatures in the ocean! Many kiddos told me they had been to the beach. They had fun playing with seashells and ocean figurines. We worked on the letter Oo and numbers 0-10.

So much fun with Pokey

Gumby did so many cool things!

water coloring painting an orange with orange paint!

Staircase counting the 8 legs of an octopus. I am noticing a huge improvement with number sense understanding!

checking out these cool creatures!

Actual size of a Giant Squids Eye!
It's the size of her noggin!

Actual size of a saltwater crocodile!

Actual size of a Great White Sharks teeth!
Those are huge chompers!

Water color painting a jellyfish! 

Can you hear the ocean?

fun stamping ocean creatures!

O is for octopus

What sea creature would you be if you lived in the ocean?
These will be in their portfolios.

After we do our minds-in-motion maze we always end with free dance!

Happy Birthday to this sweet girl!

Thanks for the cookies and juice...such a special treat!

Hard at work!

decorating our Hermit Crab shells!

Here to save the day!

Even boys can rock tutus!

How cute are these hermit crabs??

Jelly fish we made yesterday are in the hallway!

Learning how an octopus uses ink to protect themselves. We watched a couple of videos too. So cool to see this in action!

I dropped black water color paint into the bucket of water. We quickly could see how it would make the water dark so the octopus could swim away from its predators!

We can't even see the octopus. 

Super neat!
What a fun and educational week! This week it's all about rainbows and St. Patrick's Day!

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Oh the Places we will go! Dr. Seuss Week!

What we learn from Dr. Seuss are life long long lessons! If everyone loved the way Dr. Seuss does our world would be a better place for sure! We worked on the letter Yy and numbers 1-10. We had a dentist come and visit this week...what a treat!

*And once again my days are out of order! So what you see first is Friday and NOT Thursday. Sorry! I am so not techy!!

Staircase counting with buttons to 10. And a great fine motor skill!

Yy is for yarn...another great fine motor skill.

Using non-standard units of measurement to measure our feet. We used cubes and buttons.

Free reading time!

Great hat buddy!!

Who knew stacking cups was so fun!!?? The kiddos had a blast doing this!

Great measuring sweet stuff!

Awesome job!

that smile!!!

Are you seeing this?? A real picture of me!! Ha! I'm usually the one behind the camera!

Dr. Chris Jenkins! A local celebrity! We all just love him!

Showing us how "Bow-Bow brushes his teeth!

Free play!

Safety first when playing with Legos!

Our silly socks!


Fun Gumby adventures!

Poking around with Pokey


Twinsies X 2

Water color painting

1 fish 2 fish...staircase counting to 5

Ordering the letters of our name to make our name...Dr. Seuss style

Fun in the green room!
Another perfect week! Loves these little ones so much!