Sunday, December 2, 2018

It's Beginning to Look A lot Like Christmas!

Gingerbread, Trees, and Lights...Oh My! We began practicing for our Christmas program, working on the letter Nn, continuing with counting 0-5...and so much more!

Happy Birthday to this sweet girl!

painting with evergreen branches...

letter hunt

staircase counting...
I sent home the pom-poms for you to work with your kiddo on this!

play time!

All wrapped up!


number game! We are trying to cover up the circles on the gingerbread!

We or not...we love fresh air!

What part of the gingerbread did we bite first!?

Jesus shines in us!

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Leaves all around!

I love the crisp fall air with leaves falling from the trees! But...I feel like we went from a hot humid summer to nearly winter! What happened to fall days of 50-60 degrees!? We had fun exploring leaves, working on the letter L, and continuing our number sense for numbers 0-5. We also started our new author, David Shannon.

Enjoying our new chairs! 

Peeling leaf stickers to add to our L

Peeling is such tough work for these tiny fingers!

Letter Ll hunt

Exploring our leaves...

Our Ll highway...these are fun
You can print these here:

letter tangrams

Making our "Leaf Man" art

Giving a puppet show! I love their imagination

Beading pipe cleaners if a great and fun fine motor task

Counting using manipulatives...
Understanding value is a tough skill. In leave 1 they put 1 button, in leave with the 2 they put 2 buttons. Try this activity at home. Be sure your little one is counting and pointing nice and slow. Often they count faster than their sweet fingers can move.

A fun new counting game!

Our sweet leaf blowing craft that you can treasure for years to come!

Play time!!

Exploring and gluing leaves!

A fun week! This week is all about giving thanks, feeling blessed, and Turkeys!!